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Tribal Fusion Classes:

Baraka Nikta currently is not teaching a regular class, though private lessons are available upon request.

Bellydance for Pregnancy Class:

Pregnancy classes are offered whenever there are two or more pregnant women available for attendance. Please click here for more information.

Baraka is also more than happy to provide private lessons to any interested pregnant women.

  Check out Baraka's video of her "Pregnancy Bellydance" performance--done when she was 8 months pregnant!

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available by appointment. Please contact Baraka for further information.

What To Wear:

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. If you wear a skirt please make sure that it is ankle length, loose, and flowing (tight skirts do not allow for the necessary freedom of movement). Sweat pants or spandex pants are also acceptable. No jeans please! Also, you need to bring something you can tie around your hips (a scarf, strip of cloth, even a long sleeve shirt).

Past Weekly Classes


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