Henna Recipes

Package of Dulhan mehndi powder.
The left bag has old stale henna,
the right has fresh henna.
There are many different recipes that you may use to prepare your henna. Of paramount importance is that you use fresh well sifted henna. Fresh henna will give you the best and darkest color with the least amount of effort (fresh henna has a light green color, vs. old henna which is more of an olive green). Well sifted henna (i.e., henna powder devoid of small twigs and other foreign objects), will help to keep your applicator from clogging. In order to make the henna powder release the dye a mild acid must be used. Such acids include lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar. Henna will not release hennotannic acid unless it is at a 5.5 ph or higher. If you have very high quality henna, lemon juice is all that you need to make your henna release dye and be beautiful.
"Citrus in Blue Painting"
by Ulla Mayer-Raichle

Here are three of many possible recipes:

1. This is my recipe--

2. This recipe is by Catherine Cartwright Jones--

3. This recipe is adapted from Loretta Roome's book, "Mehndi: The Timeless Art of Henna Painting." It is a good recipe, and smells great, but takes a lot of preparation.--

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