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Bellydance for Pregnancy Class:

Pregnancy brings to light the most profound aspect of a woman's femininity, and she owes it to herself to remain in touch with it. The distinctly feminine art of Bellydancing has empowered women to do just that since antiquity, and it is scientifically proven to aid the birthing process. No other dance (or exercise) enables a woman not only to directly tone and keep supple the pregnancy and birthing regions of her body, but also simultaneously enable her to feel beautiful, graceful, and fully female. The "Bellydance for Pregnancy" class focuses on pelvic movements that both energize and help to relieve pain, flowing low-stress moves that give the body suppleness and grace, and teaches you how to put everything together so you can dance on your own.

  • Pregnancy classes are offered whenever there are two or more pregnant women available for attendance. Please contact Baraka for more details.
  • Baraka is also more than happy to provide private lessons to any interested pregnant women.

"The Dance of Pregnancy"

Sunday, May 17, 2009, Mikis Theodorakis Theater, Athens, Greece
Baraka's tribute to the child in her womb which was performed during the 8th month of pregnancy. The dance was part of show "Oriental Expression - Live;" a bellydance extravaganza event that helped to raise funds for the disabled children's school "Keepea-Orizodes."
Poem: "The Beauty of Pregnancy" by Jerrod Dillon (edited from the original by Baraka)
Music: "Marco Polo" off of the album The Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt


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